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CyberCell (CCDB) Data Extractor

    The Data Extractor is a high level data search engine which allows users to construct complex or constrained queries and to select or display search results from the CCDB, CCRD and CCMD databases. To use the Data Extractor select one or more key words from any of the scrollable boxes in the left frame. To select more than one keyword, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the the key word. Once you have selected the words or fields you wish to search, press the "Go" button. This will cause a form to appear in the middle frame which will display the keywords and empty text boxes which the user must fill in. By clicking the "Submit" button the Extractor will search the databases for all of the chosen fields or items satsifying the query constraints and return a hyper-linked list or table. This list may be re-formatted or the information saved in various formats (see bottom of list). The data may also be plotted as a picture on the E. coli chromosome by pressing the "Plot" button located at the bottom of the output page.